Eric Mauro -- Paintings
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December 2008

Boats by Belle Isle Marsh

Little Larz Anderson

Little Spools

Big Spools

September-November 2008

Grape House in Brighton

Copy of Sargent's Capriote

Hammond Pond

Jessie's Gloves

Lisa looking at her hands

Copy of Millet's Young Shepherdess

Erica's Leftovers

Newton at Night #5

Newton at Night #4

Willow Trees at the Charles River

Beach at Hull

Piazzetta's "Peasant Girl"

Randi's House

The Hunters #2

Zion's East Rim Trail

Rail Bridge

Battleship Cove #3

Somers Point with Clammers

Black Collies #2

Lake Mead

Mod House at the Shore
July-August 2008

Shore House #2

Newton at Night #2

Newton at Night #3

Del Cairo's Herodias

USS South Dakota in South Dakota

Inland Thorofare #2

Larz Anderson with more Dog Folk

Michelangelo's Libyan Sibyl

Battleship Park #2

The Coaches

Trees over the Seminary

The Black Collies

Battleship Cove #2

May-June 2008


Caravaggio's Angel

Hockey Study

Newton at Night #1

Eve's City

Inland Thorofare #1

Cornelis Bega's Girl with a Footwarmer #2

Shore House #1


Fleet of Ships

Pine Cone

Red Trees
Paintings from before this time.