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About Eric Mauro

I have always made things. As a professional computer artist in the early 90s, I was influenced by the use of graphic design software and the visual language of advertising and media, but when it came to creating for myself I think nature has played the biggest part. My fascination with animation was always to understand natural movement, and I tried to bring that to the projects I was involved in up to the early 2000s.

At that point I felt that visual arts and the internet were diverging. While I continued to work when I could making web graphics and animations, I went back to school to study art and was hooked on painting and art history. The periods of sculpture and manuscript illumination from the Romanesque and dark ages, from Viking art and from Celtic pattern has always fascinated me.

At the same time I am living in the 21st century and raising my family in this time, not some distant unrecoverable past. I respect and study traditions, but I understand that the artists who changed things during those times did not simply copy the traditions passed down. They brought everything from their own lives, their loves and ambitions and disappointments, what was happening around them, their struggles to survive and flourish and be great, and the way they were treated into their art.

When I make a piece of art, I try to bring the abundant and multiverse history of our culture, and everything it brought to our learning to be human, together with what I see around me today.

Eric Mauro