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In the past, window glazing putty included asbestos as an ingredient. It was most often used in institutional settings such as schools, colleges and churches. While the use in homes was rare, we now test all of the window glazing we might disturb during restoration, repair or new window construction. This is to protect our workers and the homeowners from exposure during removal.

The procedure for testing involves taking a small sample from the suspected area wearing a respirator mask. After the sample is taken the homeowner must wait to enter the area to allow outside air to mix.

We send the sample to a state-certified testing laboratory for analysis. The laboratory records the address where the sample was taken from.

If the sample tests positive the state is notified by the lab. Immediate abatement is not called for unless the glazing will be disturbed.

If the sample tests positive we cannot work on that window or any part of it which has touched the window glazing. The sash and any contaminated lead or leaded glass must be removed and disposed of. We can then have a new sash built and the work can proceed.

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