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Neptune with dolphins stained glass
Mermaid on rocks stained glass
Waltham, Massachusetts. These windows had been damaged from vandalism and pellet gun attacks. They were then repaired on-site with very rough approximations in shape and color. The nature of the repairs weakenened the lead so sagging, cracks and loss of the pieces occurred. We removed the windows, cleaned the pieces and recreated the patterns using whatever information we could from the old window. We found matches from new manufacturers and replaced 80% of the glass, including all the broken pieces and the previous repair.

For the small window, we bent the steel support bars to better fit into the design of the window and to do a better job of holding up the leaded glass. For the large window, we added T-shaped support bars to keep the window from slumping in the future and make it easier to repair should it ever get broken again.

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